Martinod Marie

Born 20 July 1984 in Bourg Saint Maurice France
Live in Aime, Savoie, France
Station : Tignes
Other interest: Water skiing, music, sport, cars, international politic , cooking, gardening.

My husband, my daughter, my parents had always supported me in all my accomplishments !


My mum was a ski teacher and my dad a snow cat driver. So my DNA is made of snow and mountain! My grand father put me on skis when I was 2 ½ years old and transmitted me his passion. I get in the ski resort ski team from my 9 to my 15 and used to do moguls and aerial jumping. At 16, Dynastar realized that I was the one to push and get me into the freestyle team. I starting travelling and could competed as a big air jumper and a half pipe rider mostly in the US.

At the beginning, girls were a few and we often had a “forerunner” job to men’s competitions

Time went by and more and more girls got in the game. I had the chance to win and podium a lot of contests back at this time such as X Games or US OPEN.

I also had the chance to develop materials with my sponsors. Such as 2 ski pro-model with Dynastar Company and one ski apparel with Oxbow.

Back then, I could spread my time in two : competitioning and filming with different internationals productions companies.



I decided to quit skiing at 22 to learn more about “real life”. It was time for me to have a baby, grow her and work as a nightclub owner in La plagne. It last 6 years.

My best friend Virginie Faivre and the so missed Sarah Burke convinced me to come back at skiing professionaly as the IOC entered Half pipe skiing for Sochi event. I decided I had to try ! to be sure having no regrets.

I started skiing again the winter 2011/2012.

We sold the bar and I started training physically hard and pushing the limits of my skiing.

Decathlon SA believed in me and helped me to raise again the top of international ranking.

My husband, may daughter, my parents had always supported me in all my accomplishments.

The Freeski Project also played a rule in my accomplishment by letting me train by their side.

In 2013, 9 months before the Olympics, I won X Games in Tignes. And in February 2014, I could ski my best under pressure in Sochi and catch the 15 th medal for France, becoming sylver medalist at the first ever Olympic apparition of ski half pipe.

Playing with hight tricks up to a 22 feet hight icy curve, I blow my knee in December 2014 and had my first time out of the game… But this 2016 season has been for me the one of the come back on podiums.


I am now the eldest of the world cup tour, I could be the mother of a bunch of the girls competing with me ! But I am most of all a happy wife, a happy mother of one, a happy skier and on the road to Pyeong Chang !